Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Daily Sutras

Once you are able to see the light, you see the entire past as a dream, move on. Wake up and see the present, you will find happiness is there, unconditional happiness. Then you are happy and not dependant on others for your happiness. Happiness depends only on your mind. When the mind is free of past impressions and future cravings, happiness is there.

Love is love, you can’t call it is true or false. We don’t doubt hate. What is the guarantee that people hate you? Love is our nature. Because of desires & greed our love is not expressed sometimes. No prani (living being) exists without priti (love). Prana (life-force energy) springs from love. Million atoms together form the body. Without love the atoms would be separated and that is death. Don’t doubt love!

When thoughts come normally we try to chase them. The more you try to chase them, they become bigger & get a hold of you. Good thoughts come you say come, come, come. Bad thoughts come, you say, go, go, go. You need to be skillful, let them come, be there, give them a hug, they disappear. They are scared of you so thoughts run away. That is why to begin with it’s good to do it with a guided CD or guided meditation.

Don’t be stuck with words. Your worries are words. Your ideas are words. Wisdom is beyond words. It is your very Being, the essence of all words. See and relate beyond words. Then there is no lie in your life. If you manipulate words, it is a lie; If you play on words, it is a joke; If you rely on words, it is ignorance; If you transcend words, it is wisdom.

When the mind is still, it gets the power to fulfill any thought. So, not only can you fulfill your thoughts, but also you get the power to bless others to fulfill their thoughts. It should be a thought that you believe in. It can’t be something like you go to the moon. Any practical, possible thought you put the intention on, it starts manifesting. The basis is no mindness, empty mind.

When you move with a connection to the divinity there is nothing that is richer than this. That rich feeling comes inside you when you feel connected to the divinity, connected to the infinite. When the wave remembers that it is connected to the ocean, that it is part of the ocean, that strength is enormous!

The Bible says,’ those who have, more will be given to them; those who do not have, whatever little they have will also be taken away’. Feeling that abundance, you recognize you have been given plenty. And more will come to you!

Nature gives the strength to endure the suffering and walk through with strength. An animal is given only that heavy a tail, which it can wag. Just imagine a rat having the tail of an elephant. Nature is very intelligent. It only gives you that problem which you can handle.

Devotion is the zenith of Love. ‘Saa tvasmin parama prema rupa’ - Embodiment of supreme love for the divine is devotion. You can’t posses God. In routine love affairs, you love someone and you expect the same in return. You can’t claim a right on God. Love for that infinite consciousness is devotion.

Enlightenment is the biggest happiness. Why to go after small happiness when the biggest is there? It is not easy to believe in God. God is there: if you experience this then the mind calms down. Then you find only God is there and I don’t exist.

Our body belongs to this society/ this world and the world/society will take care of it. You belong to the Divine and the Divine will take care of you. In fact the Divine is taking care of you. Make this distinction that you are separate from your body. As soon as you do this you will see that you are separate from your body, you belong to the Divine.

'Vasudeva Sarvatra iti' - Divinity is everywhere. If everything is God, then it is not difficult to see God. The one who recognizes the divinity in everything and everybody, is enlightened!!

That which you cannot express is Love. That which you cannot reject/renounce is Beauty. That which you cannot avoid is the Truth

How do you know when to sleep, and when to eat? When you get tired, you know you need sleep, when you get hungry, you know its time to eat. Like that everyday take a break to be in meditation then you become recharged and can work better.